FABER-CASTELL 112961 PITT Monochrome Pastel Set metalletui med 25st pennor

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FABER-CASTELL 112961 PITT Monochrome Pastel Set Metalletui med 25st pennor

The old tradition of figure drawing using monochrome shades of sepia and sanguine dates back to the Renaissance. Enhanced with white and with shadows deepened with black, monochrome shades lend vitality, liveliness and expression to the drawings. PITT® monochrome crayons have been designed for sketching and are harder than conventional pastel crayons. The sanguine and sepia crayons are supplemented by oil-free and oil-based drawing pencils for sketching and details


  • Metal Tin of 25 assorted pencils
  • pastels
  • charcoals
  • graphites
  • kneadable eraser and blending stump